140425 - Sukira

  • Ryeowook: Actually now I am preparing for musical. Before the musical, I still had promotion activities for the album. At that time, I just recieved the information for the musical and my heart was heavy, kept thinking if I should take part in this musical. I looked at the introduction of the musical and got a rough understanding of what it was about. I wanted to take part but looking at my schedules, it seemed impossible. It was fans who let me have the energy to accept it. When I was considering, we were in Japan and I was still thinking if I should go or not. I still remember this granny who told me not to be troubled because of the musical and to just do what I want to do. Her words gave me energy. Even if it's not for her, I want to do it too. Now I have started to accept musicals and radio. Sincerely hope I can bring healing to everyone.
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